How to add more technical skills to your cv for free

3 Great Websites To Add More Technical Skills To Your CV for Free

I discovered that it is quite easy these days to gain and learn a lot of interpersonal and technical skills (“soft” and “hard” skills) off the Internet. These days interpersonal skills like problem solving or flexibility, are valued in the workplace, and you can easily learn these by reading tips about how to become better, or just by practicing the skills in…

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Cherry tree in Montpellier, Southern France

The Honest List

I saw this list going around a bit in the Finnish-Swedish blogging community and figured why not do it, even though I will do it in English. It’s an honest list, where you have to list truths about these certain questions or statements. I decided to do it so you could get to know me a bit better.

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Nice, France

About Last Year

On my old blog I always filled in this list in the beginning of the year to memorize the year that passed and I was looking into my friend Jennifers blog (which I made the design for a while back 😉 ) and saw her list and thought why not do it now. Better later than never no?

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Winter landscape, Southern Finland

2016 | Year of Focus

Christmas went by and New Year’s I was working and I realized 10 minutes after midnight that it was actually a new year. Around the change of the year has always been a time of happiness, change and a new start for me. As it probably is for many other people too. It’s a legit reason for why all the…

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View over Sète, Southern France

Thoughts About First Semester of Erasmus Exchange In Montpellier, France

I’m lying in my bed thinking about this past semester. It went by so fast, way faster than any semester in my life has. Time flies when you have fun right? I’m beyond happy that my French adventure is only half way, and not finishing now, as it is for some of my friends. I really hate saying goodbye, but…

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9 Things You Know If You've Ever Lived In France

9 Things You Know If You’ve Ever Lived In France

Coucou! Some may already know that this is my second time around living in France. The first time was in 2010, working as a Disneyland Paris employee for five months. That was such a fun experience and one that I look back at with fond memories, mostly because of the lifelong friends I made and because it was my first real…

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Always Be Thankful

I really want to take a sentence or two to thank you for all the positive feedback I’ve got about my blog these past few weeks. Especially for the good feedback on the post “Things I learned when I turned 25“. You were nearly 100 unique visitors on my blog that day and a few days after it. And yesterday my…

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