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About being a Swedish-speaking Finn in Finland

I recently wrote another article for Global Young Voices that got published today. This time it was about what it is like to be a Swedish-speaking Finn in Finland – “finlandssvensk” in Swedish and “suomenruotsalainen” in Finnish. Few know that Swedish is spoken also in Finland due to historical reasons and the fact seem to cause confusion for many, including my friends…

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Jasmine Kukko Global Young Voices Contributor

My First Published Article On Global Young Voices

I got accepted as the first country contributor from Finland (and the Nordics) for a website called Global Young Voices this spring. The reason I haven’t said anything about it yet, is because I’ve been only doing some “backstage” stuff, like being part of the marketing team helping with their Facebook page. But now finally yesterday my first article is up!…

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Last Summer

Förra sommaren var så rolig, men också så kort, som den finska sommaren tyvärr brukar vara. Saknar sommar, men jag är så glad att våren redan är i full gång (även om det nu regnar) och att sommaren kommer med stormsteg. Här är lite Instagram bilder från förra sommaren. Aaaaah, hoppas denna sommar blir minst lika härlig, om inte till…

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