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Cherry tree in Montpellier, Southern France

The Honest List

I saw this list going around a bit in the Finnish-Swedish blogging community and figured why not do it, even though I will do it in English. It’s an honest list, where you have to list truths about these certain questions or statements. I decided to do it so you could get to know me a bit better.

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Nice, France

About Last Year

On my old blog I always filled in this list in the beginning of the year to memorize the year that passed and I was looking into my friend Jennifers blog (which I made the design for a while back 😉 ) and saw her list and thought why not do it now. Better later than never no?

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Winter landscape, Southern Finland

2016 | Year of Focus

Christmas went by and New Year’s I was working and I realized 10 minutes after midnight that it was actually a new year. Around the change of the year has always been a time of happiness, change and a new start for me. As it probably is for many other people too. It’s a legit reason for why all the…

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My Meatless Month

There’s a lot of causes in this world that needs more attention and recognition from the general public. I myself am very interested in for example animal rights, mostly related to keeping animals captive and using them for entertainment, but also in the food industry relating to consumption of animal products. In Finland there’s a cause called “Lihaton Lokakuu” (Meatless…

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Summer feelings

Hey! Sorry for going awol on you guys. This post is going to be in English since I’m too lazy to write in both languages at the moment. My blog has really been on a summer holiday, haha. I’m sitting out in the sun in my moms yard in Karis and just thinking about this summer. First and foremost it…

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