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11 Tips For Moving Abroad

My 11 Best Tips For Moving Abroad

Planning on moving abroad or considering it? Then read this post to get my best tips for both before moving and once you have arrived in your new home country. I could say I have learned a few things since I have lived in 4 countries on 2 continents during a span of 8 years for different reasons (serial mover?).…

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Spotify Traveling Song List

Travel Playlist on Spotify

I created this “Traveling Songs” playlist a while ago since the list I usually listened to got boring and I couldn’t modify it since it wasn’t my own. I added a mixture of calm(er) songs – perfect to sleep to while in transit and to cancel out other noises. Then some more upbeat songs to keep the energy up while for…

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Cherry tree in Montpellier, Southern France

The Honest List

I saw this list going around a bit in the Finnish-Swedish blogging community and figured why not do it, even though I will do it in English. It’s an honest list, where you have to list truths about these certain questions or statements. I decided to do it so you could get to know me a bit better.

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9 Things You Know If You've Ever Lived In France

9 Things You Know If You’ve Ever Lived In France

Coucou! Some may already know that this is my second time around living in France. The first time was in 2010, working as a Disneyland Paris employee for five months. That was such a fun experience and one that I look back at with fond memories, mostly because of the lifelong friends I made and because it was my first real…

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5 Places I want to visit

Whenever I’m staying put at home, just studying and going on with my ‘regular’ life, I dream myself away to places around the world. My long-term goal in life is to move abroad from Finland when I’m finished studying – hopefully in about 2 years tops – and to find a job that is flexible and allows me to be…

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There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thinking about a trip I could make or dreaming away to some faraway place. I’m writing – or at least trying to write – my bachelor’s thesis at the moment. Since my motivation is not very high at points and I’m also lacking time to start the “project” all together,…

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Planning Events | What I Learned

After the haze after vacationing in Turkey started to wear off, the last couple of weeks before two bigger events I’ve been part of organizing were ahead of me. Last weekend both of them were finally here and it was such a pleasure to see all the planning and fixing coming together as a finished “product”. The one I’ve been a…

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Before going to bed, which I already should have, I wanted to write just a little post on time management skills. I started this post already an hour ago, but then I AGAIN remembered something else more important that had to be done first, which is exactly the reason for me not blogging this week. We also have midterms, and…

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