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26 Life Lessons to Learn by 26

26 Life Lessons To Learn By 26

Turning 26 last September got me thinking about what I’ve learned in life so far and especially in the past year while living abroad in both France and the Netherlands. A year ago I wrote a similar post called “Things I Learned When I Turned 25” that was widely popular so let’s continue with the “series”. I want to help you achieve…

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Valuable Life Lessons That I Learned From Living Abroad

Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From Living Abroad

This is almost one of those quite annoying “how traveling changed me” posts, but I hope you will bear with me and read about the insights I’ve had through these past 6 years. In all honesty it has changed me and it still is, in so many ways. Even if all my stays abroad have been quite short, under 1…

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