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Valuable Life Lessons That I Learned From Living Abroad

Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From Living Abroad

This is almost one of those quite annoying “how traveling changed me” posts, but I hope you will bear with me and read about the insights I’ve had through these past 6 years. In all honesty it has changed me and it still is, in so many ways. Even if all my stays abroad have been quite short, under 1…

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View over Sète, Southern France

Thoughts About First Semester of Erasmus Exchange In Montpellier, France

I’m lying in my bed thinking about this past semester. It went by so fast, way faster than any semester in my life has. Time flies when you have fun right? I’m beyond happy that my French adventure is only half way, and not finishing now, as it is for some of my friends. I really hate saying goodbye, but…

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9 Things You Know If You've Ever Lived In France

9 Things You Know If You’ve Ever Lived In France

Coucou! Some may already know that this is my second time around living in France. The first time was in 2010, working as a Disneyland Paris employee for five months. That was such a fun experience and one that I look back at with fond memories, mostly because of the lifelong friends I made and because it was my first real…

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Keys and a map

Another country, another way of life

Coucou! It’s the first time I blog since I arrived to my new home – Montpellier, France. I took this opportunity, and challenge if you will, and here I am, happier than I can describe in words. It smells differently here, food tastes delicious, people are nice, wine is cheap, life is a party, French is like music in my ears,…

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