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Dreams come true moving abroad

Life Dream Come True

I’m sitting at the airport waiting for the boarding of my flight to Amsterdam to start. These past day I’ve thought about moving abroad a lot and how happy I am about it (read more about me moving abroad to the Netherlands here). I feel mostly incredibly lucky that I got this opportunity and that I’m a person who is…

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100 Things in life I want to achieve

100 Life Goals

After reading my last post “26 Life Lessons To Learn by 26” my friend proposed that I do this list of 100 life goals. After some research I realized I have no idea who actually started it, since there seems to be at least a few people who run entire websites on this concept. I took help from the Fully Lived and Antwon…

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5 Places I want to visit

Whenever I’m staying put at home, just studying and going on with my ‘regular’ life, I dream myself away to places around the world. My long-term goal in life is to move abroad from Finland when I’m finished studying – hopefully in about 2 years tops – and to find a job that is flexible and allows me to be…

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