Welcome to the lifestyle blog spiced with life abroad tales and travel stories written by Jasmine Z. Kukko.

My name is Jasmine Zelda. You can call me Jas. This is my lifestyle blog – welcome!
Water fountain Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Jasmine Zelda lifestyle blog

Who am I?

♥ Born and raised in Hanko, Finland and studied and lived in Turku, Finland during my 20’s. #suomityttö #finlandssvensk

♥ Moved permanently to the Netherlands in July 2017, currently situated in the capital Amsterdam.

♥ International Marketing master’s graduate with knowledge in and great passion for inbound marketing, blogging, social media, online marketing, SEO and public relations.

♥ I have great interest in languages and I would say I’m multi-lingual. I’m native in Swedish and Finnish, speak English fluently and French on an intermediate level. I’m also learning Dutch and have previously studied Spanish for a few years (and Russian like 10 years ago).

From Finland to Sweden, Paris, USA, Montpellier, and finally Amsterdam…
How did I end up here?

As I have close relatives in Sweden I’ve visited and lived there on and off as a child during holidays, but I also made my grandma happy in 2009 as I lived with her for 3 months during a traineeship. I have previously lived abroad in Paris while working for the Mickey Mouse Company, aka. Disneyland for 5 months a summer season in 2010. Later I started university in Finland, which lead me onto other international adventures.

I did a 9-month exchange at Utica College in upstate New York, USA in 2013-2014 studying public relations and journalism and an 8-month long Erasmus+ exchange in Montpellier, southern France in 2015-2016. From France I took the train to do an internship in online marketing in Amsterdam for 5 months during the summer/fall of 2016. I fell in love with the country, the culture and a Dutch boy. There was no going back, so here I am, freshly graduated and working full-time wondering what my next project will be. Maybe one of my 100 Life Goals will guide me forward?

Seaview over Hanko, Finland, Jasmine Zelda lifestyle blog

My hometown Hanko, Finland in June 2017. 

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