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Spotify Traveling Song List

I created this “Traveling Songs” playlist a while ago since the list I usually listened to got boring and I couldn’t modify it since it wasn’t my own. I added a mixture of calm(er) songs – perfect to sleep to while in transit and to cancel out other noises. Then some more upbeat songs to keep the energy up while for example waiting to board a plane.

I was actually supposed to fly to Madrid today to visit a friend, but due to “extreme weather conditions” over Amsterdam (where I am now) my flight was cancelled by KLM. Well, I got a new flight for tomorrow and they’re working on rescheduling my flight back, because otherwise I will miss a full day of my weekend holiday. We will see what happens. Luckily I will not let this ruin my mood since I can’t magically change the weather, nor can I affect the situation in any other way. Hopefully I will be up flying tomorrow!

I need new music: Do you have songs/genres you like to listen to while traveling? Let me know in the comments so I can add them to my playlist 🙂

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