100 Life Goals

100 Things in life I want to achieve

After reading my last post “26 Life Lessons To Learn by 26” my friend proposed that I do this list of 100 life goals. After some research I realized I have no idea who actually started it, since there seems to be at least a few people who run entire websites on this concept. I took help from the Fully Lived and Antwon Davis‘ websites to understand the concept and to help me create a categorized list of life goals that I can use as a reference later on when I need a reminder or when I’m (hopefully) ticking things off the list. So why am I doing this and why should you?

100 Things in life I want to achieve

Too many times we forget to write down the things we want to do and achieve in life and they only exist abstractly in our minds. We’re all human and therefore we tend to both lose focus and plainly forget. And you know what? I think you should do this list of 100 life goals too! It will help you see the things you want in life as concrete things and it’s like sort of making a contract with yourself. You promise yourself that you will work a little every day to achieve your life goals and no matter if it takes a year (wow, congratulations!) or a life time, you have something to work towards. Goals makes life way more interesting and also makes life worth living. As a last thing I will say that don’t treat this as something that have to be set in stone – things change, people change, lives change, you change, and that is okay. Use it as inspiration in your daily life, use it to remember what your goals are and to figure out what you want from your life. Good luck with your list! ❤️


My 100 Life Goals I Want To Achieve:


Experience Goals - 100 Life Goals

Experience Goals

1. Throw a graduation party when I graduate from university.

2. Move abroad (from Finland) after graduation. Done 06/07/2017

3. See the live-birth of an animal. (I know this is a bit weird).

4. Read at least 3 books in the Finnish language in 2017: Stalinin Lehmät, Baby Jane and/or Puhdistus by Sofi Oksanen or any of the Matti Remes thrillers set in my hometown Hanko.

5. Take my mom out on a Sunday funday (doesn’t necessarily need to be a Sunday).

6. Volunteering with helping animals somehow (shelters, jungle, national parks, clinics…)

7. Spend as many Christmases as possible with my family and loved ones.

8. Visit my grandma (and other relatives) in Sweden at least once per year in 2017-2020. 1st visit May 2017.

9. Meet some of my favourite authors: Paige Toon & J.K. Rowling.

10. Create a Facebook page for my blog/website.

11. Do at least one vlog.

12. Have a dog when life has settled.

13. Go to a friend’s or family members wedding.

14. Sponsor a child in need.

15. Attend the Nordic Business Forum and/or Slush.

16. Live close to both nature and city (nature is the number one priority if I have to choose either one).

17. Change someones life in some way.

18. Own a proper digital/system camera. (Maybe a compact system camera?).


Travel Goals - 100 Life Goals

Travel Goals

19. See the sunset/sunrise over the pagodas in Myanmar.

20. See the sunset/sunrise over Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

21. Walk on the Great Wall of China.

22. See the Terracotta Soldiers in Xi’an China.

23. Visit The Valley of the Kings and The Great Pyramids in Egypt.

24. Travel to South Africa.

25. Experience an overnight safari in Africa (Tanzania/Botswana/Kenya).

26. Travel the world with my love.

27. Visit Petra in Jordan.

28. Travel around in Central and South America.

29. Eat sushi and visit the Moomin café in Japan.

30. Travel to Svalbard.

31. Travel to Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro.

32. Travel to Greece.

33. Roadtrip in the United States.

34. Visit Cape Cod, Maine, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park and Zion National Park in the US.

35. Spend holidays in France, Spain and Italy.

36. Travel to Australia.

37. Travel to New Zealand.

38. Holiday on a tropical island; Hawaii, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Mauritius, La Réunion, Aruba, Curaçao…

39. Treat all my loved ones with a holiday.

40. Travel to Norway.

41. Roadtrip around Iceland that includes glacier hiking, volcano climbing and riding Icelandic horses.

42. Experience F1 live (doesn’t matter where).

43. Spend a romantic New Years abroad.

44. Visit castles all around the world.

45. Camp in a desert for a night (Morocco?).

46. Visit Macchu Picchu in Peru.

47. Visit Pompeii in Italy.

48. Visit Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.


Business and Financial Goals - 100 Life Goals

Financial & Business Goals

49. Pay off my student loan.

50. Spend my first real adult-life salary on anything I want (this tip given by my boyfriend).

51. Start saving for buying a home.

52. Save 5 000€.

53. Save 10 000 €.

54. Save 15 000 €.

55. Save 20 000 €.

56. Save 100 000 €.

57. Own a summer cottage in the Finnish archipelago / southern Finland.

58. Earn 50 000 € gross a year.

59. Make money on my blog / website / own business.

60. Learn to invest.

61. Get sponsored trips or experiences.

62. Become financially stable.

63. Sell my knowledge.


Skill-set and Educational Goals - 100 Life Goals

Skill-Set & Educational Goals

64. Finish my master’s thesis in 2017. Done and handed in 10/08/2017

65. Graduate as M.Sc. in Marketing in 2017. Graduated 25/09/2017

66. Take certifications in Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

67. Take the Hubspot Academy certifications in marketing.

68. Learn to use Tableau.

69. Take a course in coding.

70. Dedicate time to learning Photoshop and InDesign better.

71. Speak fluent French.

72. Speak fluent Dutch.

73. Speak decent Spanish.


Career Goals - 100 Life Goals

Career Goals

74. Get my first job after graduating. Done, started 10/07/2017

75. Get a job I love so it doesn’t even feel like a job.

76. Become a(n inbound) marketing professional.

77. Become an expert within social media and content marketing.

78. Work for a big international company.

79. Become a team or a project leader.

80. Get to business travel.

81. Start my own business.

82. Write and publish an e-book.

83. Write and publish a book.


Fitness and Health Goals - 100 Life Goals

Fitness and Health Goals

84. Try being vegan for a month.

85. Try to eat vegetarian (ovo, pesco) for 3 months.

86. Learn to cook 5 new vegan and vegetarian dishes.

  • 1st: Vegetarian mushroom risotto.

87. Finish Kayla Itsines 12-week BBG at least once.

88. Run 10k.

89. Run 15k.

90. Run 20k.

91. Participate in a running event.

92. Do 15 burpees without a problem.


Family and Relationship Goals - 100 Life Goals

Family & Relationship Goals

93. Have a loving, supporting and fun relationship with my partner where we always work as a team.

94. Marry the love of my life and at the same time my best friend.

95. Have a beautiful wedding with close friends and family.

96. To always respect and value each other in a relationship.

97. Have at least one hobby or something we always do together.

98. Have a date night every week (or bi-weekly is also agreeable) dedicated to just us – no matter what life throws at us.

99. Get to feel how it is to be pregnant.

100. Raise one or two beautiful and smart children sometime in the future.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”
Alice In Wonderland

End note: It was a bit harder than I thought to come up with 100 life goals, but in the end I had to cut out a few and prioritize the important goals in the end. My tip to finish this list is to take a few days at least to think about it (I took nearly two weeks) and then start categorizing them. Write down the ones that are the most obvious to you and then start writing the ones you have to think about. Try and be as specific as possible, because it is easier to know when you achieved something if the goal is clear.

Let me know in the comments if you achieved something in life that was a goal of yours and tell me how it felt!

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Jasmine Zelda is a twenty-something Swedish-speaking Finn from Hanko, Finland. In 2017 she took the leap and moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands to follow her dreams and to build an international marketing career. She has previously lived in Paris and southern France, upstate New York, USA and Sweden. She has a passion for writing, social media, marketing, PR and appreciates the small good things in life.


  • Jennifer Jungell February 26, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    I so have to do this! 🙂

    • Jasmine Z. Kukko February 28, 2017 at 2:31 pm

      Yes! Rekommenderar! Var nog en liten tankeställare och också kul att se målen liksom konkret 🙂

  • Ville March 10, 2017 at 7:26 pm



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