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Jasmine Kukko Global Young Voices Contributor

I got accepted as the first country contributor from Finland (and the Nordics) for a website called Global Young Voices this spring. The reason I haven’t said anything about it yet, is because I’ve been only doing some “backstage” stuff, like being part of the marketing team helping with their Facebook page. But now finally yesterday my first article is up! So please go have a look at it and tell me what you think!

Global Young Voices website

Global Young Voices website where I am a contributor and involved in their social media management.

I’m so excited to be a part of this website and the community we have there! I really believe in the purpose of getting young voices heard from around the globe, since there’s so many things going on that concern us and our future.

My article is about why seemingly so many young educated Finnish people are moving abroad after they graduate. It’s something that interests me a lot, seeing that I am probably going to be a part of this statistic in a year and many people I know have moved abroad. Also because young people and their well-being in Finland is something that concerns me in many ways. Like what future is there for us? And what future is our current politicians shaping for us? When is the economy going to turn in our favour? When is there going to be more jobs within especially the marketing and public relations field – which concerns me the most – in other cities than Helsinki? … since I rather move abroad than move to the capital. That’s just some personal questions that inspired me to write the post.

This is why young Finns are lining up to leave their country by Jasmine Kukko, at Global Young Voices

Jasmine Kukko Global Young Voices Contributor

My picture on the website

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♥ GYV website to read all those amazing articles about politics, lifestyle, career, culture and so much more. And if you have an interesting story to tell or have done something for the youth, contact GYV to get the chance of getting published on the website! Or take the challenge and join the team!

Jasmine Zelda is a twenty-something Swedish-speaking Finn from Hanko, Finland. In 2017 she took the leap and moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands to follow her dreams and to build an international marketing career. She has previously lived in Paris and southern France, upstate New York, USA and Sweden. She has a passion for writing, social media, marketing, PR and appreciates the small good things in life.

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