26 Life Lessons to Learn in Your Twenties

This is the infographic version of my post “26 Life Lessons to Learn By 26” that I published last week. We always want improve ourselves, the quality of our lives, our relationships and learn how to become savvier, better, more likeable and kinder. Here are 26 things that I think everyone should do or start to figure out in their twenties.

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Self-respect Is The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Have To Embrace

Self-Respect Is The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Have To Embrace

This morning when I woke up I didn’t think self-respect would be what I would be writing about today. I read a Thought Catalog article about former players who tell about the woman and moment that changed their ways. I assumed it would be these fairytale stories about how this one amazing girl just happened to be awesome, how she changed him and they just stopped being players and idiots. But lo and behold I also read something else totally. It’s about self-respect and respecting your standards! And this applies for both men and women, even if I write this from a woman’s perspective.

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11 Tips For Moving Abroad

My 11 Best Tips For Moving Abroad

Planning on moving abroad or considering it? Then read this post to get my best tips for both before moving and once you have arrived in your new home country. I could say I have learned a few things since I have lived in 4 countries on 2 continents during a span of 8 years for different reasons (serial mover?). People ask me for advice once in a while, so here I gathered a list of the 11 best tips I can give (to start with) for if you are moving abroad.

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Spotify Traveling Song List

Traveling Playlist on Spotify

I created this “Traveling Songs” playlist a while ago since the list I usually listened to got boring and I couldn’t modify it since it wasn’t my own. I added a mixture of calm(er) songs – perfect to sleep to while in transit and to cancel out other noises. Then some more upbeat songs to keep the energy up while for example waiting to board a plane.

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100 Things in life I want to achieve

100 Life Goals

After reading my last post “26 Life Lessons To Learn by 26” my friend proposed that I do this list of 100 life goals. After some research I realized I have no idea who actually started it, since there seems to be at least a few people who run entire websites on this concept. I took help from the Fully Lived and Antwon Davis‘ websites to understand the concept and to help me create a categorized list of life goals that I can use as a reference later on when I need a reminder or when I’m (hopefully) ticking things off the list. So why am I doing this and why should you?

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26 Life Lessons to Learn by 26

26 Life Lessons To Learn By 26

Turning 26 last September got me thinking about what I’ve learned in life so far and especially in the past year while living abroad in both France and the Netherlands. A year ago I wrote a similar post called “Things I Learned When I Turned 25” that was widely popular so let’s continue with the “series”. I want to help you achieve a lot of things in your twenties both mentally and physically and also show you that it’s very possible ❤️

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Global Young Voices website

About being a Swedish-speaking Finn in Finland

I recently wrote another article for Global Young Voices that got published today. This time it was about what it is like to be a Swedish-speaking Finn in Finland – “finlandssvensk” in Swedish and “suomenruotsalainen” in Finnish. Few know that Swedish is spoken also in Finland due to historical reasons and the fact seem to cause confusion for many, including my friends from abroad and even for my boyfriend sometimes 🇫🇮

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10 Reasons Why Any Company Should Hire A Former Waitress

10 Reasons Why Any Company Should Hire A Former Waitress

I’ve worked as a waitress for many years already and even longer in the hospitality industry. I realized now that I’m looking into work in my field, marketing and public relations, that I’ve learned so many skills that I really can use in any workplace and which will definitely make me a better employee. I have practical knowledge from the hospitality industry and more theoretical from my studies in marketing, but these combined can make quite a combination I realized. Here’s 10 of the most important reasons why I think any company will benefit from hiring a former waitress or restaurant worker.

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7 Steps for creating a visual CV

7 Steps For Creating A Visual CV

A few weeks ago we discussed with some colleagues about this whole thing with visual CV‘s and whether they are optimal or not. All of you have probably seen these amazing engaging and beautifully designed CV‘s out there on the internet, and wondered how to make one yourself? If your answer is yes, I’ll let you know a few secrets to this after a bunch of research and also playing around myself with creating different templates.

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Valuable Life Lessons That I Learned From Living Abroad

Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From Living Abroad

This is almost one of those quite annoying “how traveling changed me” posts, but I hope you will bear with me and read about the insights I’ve had through these past 6 years. In all honesty it has changed me and it still is, in so many ways. Even if all my stays abroad have been quite short, under 1 year, with my current stay in both southern (Montpellier) and northern (Amsterdam) Europe being the longest so far, they have all changed me in different ways.

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Jasmine Kukko Global Young Voices Contributor

My First Published Article On Global Young Voices

I got accepted as the first country contributor from Finland (and the Nordics) for a website called Global Young Voices this spring. The reason I haven’t said anything about it yet, is because I’ve been only doing some “backstage” stuff, like being part of the marketing team helping with their Facebook page. But now finally yesterday my first article is up! So please go have a look at it and tell me what you think!

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Paige Toon quote the one we fell in love with1

Love: How to Learn to Expect the Unexpected

When I read this quote in Paige Toon‘s latest book “The One We Fell In Love With“, it really hit so close to home that I thought I would share some of my thoughts around the subject with you. It’s not that I’ve found my “Prince Charming” or whatever, so don’t jump out of your pants just yet! It’s more about how I changed my mindset about what I’m looking for, how I see on this whole dating/love thing and how you should take a chance when you have it. One of those things was that I shouldn’t always expect people to be in this certain, hmm, category/box, or whatever I could call it. “Expect the unexpected”, has become my little motto this past year, and gosh did it change a lot of things. Below I’ll tell you briefly about some experiences that taught me and led my way to how to expect the unexpected.

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Amsterdam canals

Living the Awesome Amsterdam Life

Hallo! One and a half month have passed since I moved to the ever lovely Amsterdam. And what a time it has been so far! A lot has happened but I feel like there is still so much to see, to do and to experience. This will probably be a summer I will never forget, for sure. Here’s a summarisation of my experiences and insights so far:

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