Dreams come true moving abroad

Life Dream Come True

I’m sitting at the airport waiting for the boarding of my flight to Amsterdam to start. These past day I’ve thought about moving abroad a lot and how happy I am about it (read more about me moving abroad to the Netherlands here). I feel mostly incredibly lucky that I got this opportunity and that I’m a person who is…

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11 Tips For Moving Abroad

My 11 Best Tips For Moving Abroad

Planning on moving abroad or considering it? Then read this post to get my best tips for both before moving and once you have arrived in your new home country. I could say I have learned a few things since I have lived in 4 countries on 2 continents during a span of 8 years for different reasons (serial mover?).…

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Spotify Traveling Song List

Travel Playlist on Spotify

I created this “Traveling Songs” playlist a while ago since the list I usually listened to got boring and I couldn’t modify it since it wasn’t my own. I added a mixture of calm(er) songs – perfect to sleep to while in transit and to cancel out other noises. Then some more upbeat songs to keep the energy up while for…

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100 Things in life I want to achieve

100 Life Goals

After reading my last post “26 Life Lessons To Learn by 26” my friend proposed that I do this list of 100 life goals. After some research I realized I have no idea who actually started it, since there seems to be at least a few people who run entire websites on this concept. I took help from the Fully Lived and Antwon…

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26 Life Lessons to Learn by 26

26 Life Lessons To Learn By 26

Turning 26 last September got me thinking about what I’ve learned in life so far and especially in the past year while living abroad in both France and the Netherlands. A year ago I wrote a similar post called “Things I Learned When I Turned 25” that was widely popular so let’s continue with the “series”. I want to help you achieve…

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Global Young Voices website

About being a Swedish-speaking Finn in Finland

I recently wrote another article for Global Young Voices that got published today. This time it was about what it is like to be a Swedish-speaking Finn in Finland – “finlandssvensk” in Swedish and “suomenruotsalainen” in Finnish. Few know that Swedish is spoken also in Finland due to historical reasons and the fact seem to cause confusion for many, including my friends…

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7 Steps for creating a visual CV

7 Steps For Creating A Visual CV

A few weeks ago we discussed with some colleagues about this whole thing with visual CV‘s and whether they are optimal or not. All of you have probably seen these amazing engaging and beautifully designed CV‘s out there on the internet, and wondered how to make one yourself? If your answer is yes, I’ll let you know a few secrets…

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Valuable Life Lessons That I Learned From Living Abroad

Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From Living Abroad

This is almost one of those quite annoying “how traveling changed me” posts, but I hope you will bear with me and read about the insights I’ve had through these past 6 years. In all honesty it has changed me and it still is, in so many ways. Even if all my stays abroad have been quite short, under 1…

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